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World War II 48th Fighter Squadron Memoirs

This is a personal account of four years in the Air Force during World War II as told by an armorer from Horicon, Wisconsin in the 48th FIS (Fighter Interceptor Squadron). It recounts, from the perspective of a member of the ground crew, the responsibility of keeping the P-38 planes armed and airborne and the need to wait and wait for the planes to return. Anecdotes of the North African campaign are recounted, including battles against Rommel and the battle at the Kassarine Pass. Time spent stationed in Naples, Sicily and Corsica provided vantage points for attacks against the Germans in Italy. Coping with the anxiety of war and keeping up morale during the extended periods of waiting was a challenge and some of the diversions are shared. Opportunities for sight seeing of the Roman ruins are portrayed. War changes young men, even if they are not physically injured, and there was significant anxiety over the return to society.

48th Fighter Squadron insignia

Under the Wings of a P-38 in North Africa (3.7 MB PDF)
Lloyd A. Guenther
May 2005

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